Top 5 Best Life Animations (Minecraft Animation)

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Top 5 Best Life Animations (Minecraft Animation) - Видео из Майнкрафт (Minecraft)

Minecraft Realistic Top 10 5 Best Life Animations or Minecraft Animation of All time. For More Top 5, Zombie Life,Herobrine Life, Wolf Life - Subscribe, Like And Share

Wither Skeleton Story:

Wither Skeleton life, where he saw a portal and tried to warn his friends but hey didn't lisen and then from the portal steve came out he was scared and steve run to explore everything. The wither skeleton wanted to see what's inside the portal and then Wither Skeleton came in he spawned in normal world not nether. Wither Skeleton saw a chicken and Wither Skeleton took chicken in his hand. He saw villagers trading emeralds. Wither Skeleton saw carrot and he ate it. Wither Skeleton saw a house and in the house there was a chest. After that Wither Skeleton remembered that steve could have killed his all friends so Wither Skeleton came back to nether world and saw his all friends died. Wither Skeleton walked and saw steve he attacked steve and killed him.

Zombie Life Story:

Zombie walks around and sees a pig, eats it and skeleton behind him shoots him and misses, he shoots again but zombie avoids and dodges it .Zombie kills a skeleton and takes his arm and makes a toothpick from the bone. Zombie walks away and some other skeleton sees a skeleton dead body he looks behind a tree and sees the zombie who killed the skeleton. Skeleton gets angry he makes poisonous arrow and hits the zombie. Skeleton puts it in Zombie torture room and chops his legs off.
Zombie gets his legs choped off by skeleton. Girl Zombie walks around and sees zombie, she rememers that this zombie saved her life so she saved his by killing all the skeletons and getting zombie to doctor. Doctor puts iron legs instead normal legs. Zombie walks outside and sees Girl Zombie. Girl zombie gets shot by skeleton from far away. Zombie gets really angry.
Zombie get angry. Zombie tells doctor that girl Zombie got shot. Doctor took it to the hospital. Zombie goes on try and jumps straight to ground. Skeleton walks and turns back if zombie is following him. Skeleton stops and Zombie explodes through the ground out of nowhere. Zombie punches skeleton and skeletons head cracks. Zombie was about to hit skeleton again but zombie got shot. Zombie looked and it was another skeleton(teammate?). Zombie turned around and realised that he was trapped. Zombie got to the prison

Wolf Life story:
part 1 and 2
Wolf owner plays with the wolf by throwing stick and wolf runs, takes it and gives it back to the owner. Owner and wolf goes inside and owner cooks some porkschop for the wolf. Wolf eats it and they both goes sleep. In the midnight wolf and owner heard something. owner went to check and left wolf at home. Wolf waits and waits. After some time he hears a blood noise. He goes to check and he sees his owner speard aparts and blood all around the owner. Wolf gets really angry and he sees a herobrine who killed wolf's owner. Wolf runs and bites herobrine in the arm but herobrine takes his sword and slashes through wolf's stomach.

Zombie Life 2
Zombie Life 3
Wither Skeleton Life
Wolf Life 1
Wolf Life 2

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"Fearless first" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Top 5 Best Life Animations (Minecraft Animation) - Видео из Майнкрафт (Minecraft)